AI-powered Red Zone Monitoring System

Don’t let accidents be a drill! 🙅

According to International Association of Drilling Contractors(IADC), in 2024 an accident occurred on the drilling floor when a worker’s foot slipped on a rung of a derrick ladder, causing him to fall 6–7 ft. to the intermediary platform below. 🪜😱

viAct’s AI-powered Red Zone Monitoring System, we can prevent accidents in real-time by detecting their posture and correct contact points while climbing. It can provide an uninterrupted monitoring of workers in the “Red Zone Areas” of the drilling floor.

🟠 Acts as vigilant safety guardian, ensuring proactive responses

🟠 Boosts drilling efficiency with predictive maintenance

⏱️ viAct creates a safer work environment because every second counts when it comes to safety on the rig floor! Read How? AI on Drilling Rigs: Video Analytics Transforming Red Zone Monitoring

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