5 Ways AI Video Analytics Can Promote Forklift Safety in Manufacturing Plants
Why is Forklift Safety a Matter of Concern?
What are the Common Forklift Accidents & their Causes?
How AI Video Analytics Can Ensure Safer Forklift Operations?

🚜🚚 Forklifts are powerful and perform their task of loading and transportation of heavy loads with great deft and precision. Yet they posses several safety risks to the operator as well as the people working around it.

Some common forklift accidents include:

➥ Forklift Rollovers Falling Loads

➥ Struck-by/Crushed by forklifts


However, with AI Video Analytics for Workplace Safety, the multi-faceted forklift safety issues can be easily mitigated. Want to know how? Read our latest blog here: https://www.viact.ai/post/5-ways-ai-video-analytics-can-promote-forklift-safety-in-manufacturing-plants

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