The Future of Crane Safety is here!


Crane Safety Matters!🚧

Did you know that according to Centre of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), 40% crane accidents occur due to monitoring error? 🛠️

While the use of cranes are inevitable but its management can be far more effective with the use of viAct’s AI-Powered 4S Tower. With viAct’s CITF-approved Smart Site Safety System, there is a revolution in crane management, enhancing safety with automated monitoring, surpassing traditional systems.📜👷

🔍Step 1: Detect if lifting cargo is less than 3m from the loading/unloading area and ensure safety.

🚨Step 2: Activate a danger zone of more than 7m radius and prevent accidents.

👷Step 3: Detect people entering the red zone and stop unwanted intrusions.

🔔Step 4: Three types of alerts to ensure comprehensive safety and boost efficiency.

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