Uncover the Root Cause of Incidents!

According to OSHA, the number of fatalities due to forklifting accidents at worksite are around 85 per year. Apart from that there can be as many as 34,900 serious and 61,800 non-serious accidents in the category. 😱

Workers frequently operate in close quarters with machinery on factory floors, an essential aspect of manufacturing operations. This leads to accidents which compromise not only worker safety but also the workflow consistency. 📈🤕

viAct’s computer vision enables the prevention of accidents and optimises productivity in the following ways:‌

🟠 Prevent Forklift overturns by ensuring correct lifting techniques, monitoring speed and load capacity

🟠 Monitoring worker proximity to machines in real-time

🟠 Instant notifications about potential obstacles in the path of vehicle movement

Join the smart factory revolution with viAct’s AI-powered monitoring system and uncover the root cause of incidents!

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