viAct Brings Multifarious Dimensions to AI-Powered Video Surveillance in the Workplace

AI enabled Video Surveillance System (VSS) is adding ‘Brains’ to the existing realm of CCTV Monitoring in Singapore Construction Industry! 🧠📹🏗️

viAct’s recent article in World of Safety & Health Asia covers a meticulous summary of how video analytics can make workplaces an ethically safe environment in many ways:

🦺 Automating Risk Mitigation: With inculcation of Generative AI, viAct detects to prevent 4 million unsafe acts each year

📊 Transforming Productivity Paradigms: Using Construction data, viAct helps to slash non-productive hours per worker from 3 hours to mere 30 minutes

Read the exclusive article here 🔗 World of Safety & Health

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